Trademark Registration Classification Guide Class 26 in Japan

I’ve decided to start selling handicraft products.
As a start, I’ve prepared a cute product name and logo for the new “Handicraft Beads,” and I’d like to register it as a trademark to prevent others from copying it.

Then, you remember to specify Class 26, which includes “small decorative items”!
Class 26 includes a lot of products related to sewing supplies. Let’s check it out.

Considering the future development of handicraft-related businesses, I think it would be better to designate other products in Class 26 as well.
The cost would be the same if it’s designated in the same class, but I wonder if it would be possible to designate “holding handicraft classes” in Class 26, too…?

Class 26 is a class of sewing supplies, small ornaments, etc.

Class 26 mainly includes sewing supplies, natural or artificial hair and hair ornaments, and small ornaments for decorating various objects.

It may be easier to understand if you think of products that are generally sold in handicraft stores or accessory stores.

Goods included in Class 26 and Goods NOT included

List of main goods in Class 26

The main goods included in Class 26 are listed below.

These goods can be designated by Amazing DX.

The above list of “main goods included in Class 26” is just an example.

Let’s take a closer look at what other goods are included in Class 26 and what goods
are not.

What should you do if you want to specify such items? (Goods included in Class 26)

Products related to sewing

When you want to specify such a product in Amazing DX, please specify the item that the product is included.

For example,

Product to be includedselection on Amazing DX
knitting needles
crochet hooks
Tatami needles
sewing needles
wire pins
canvas needles
marking pins
setting pins
lacing needles
needles, not for sewing machines
artificial flowers of paper
artificial garlands for decoration
artificial flowers of textile
artificial flowers of plastics
artificial flowers, other than artificial garlands and wreaths

Products related to head hair

This includes so-called hair accessories and other hair ornaments.

When you want to specify such a product in Amazing DX, please specify “hair ornaments.”

For example,

Product to be includedselection on Amazing DX
hair pieces
barrettes [hair-slides]
oriental hair pins
toupees [false hair]
hair ribbons for Japanese hair styling [Tegara]
hair tassel ornaments for Japanese hair styling [Negake]
hair nets
hair bands
hair pins and grips
chignons for Japanese hair styling [Mage]
ornamental combs for Japanese hair styling [Marugushi]
hair ribbons
hair ornaments

Small ornaments to decorate various objects

This includes so-called buttons and snap fasteners.

When you want to specify such a product in Amazing DX, please specify “buttons and the like.”

For example,

Product to be includedselection on Amazing DX
beads for handicraft work
snap fasteners [press fasteners and press studs]
slide fasteners [zippers]
snap fasteners
hook and pile fastening tapes
buttons and the like

Other goods included in Class 26

If you would like to specify the goods in Amazing DX, please contact our patent attorneys via chat!

Goods NOT included in Class 26

Goods not related to sewing and special types of hooks and needles

Hand-held devices related to hair

Ribbons for specific use

Services NOT included Class 26

I see, holding handicraft classes is classified differently even though it’s related to handicrafts.

Yes, you need to specify the category of services for holding handicraft classes.

File a trademark application in Japan, designating goods in Class 26!

Class 26 is a classification for handicrafts and small decorative items. If you are in the handicraft or accessory industry, you may want to consider filing a trademark application in Class 26 first.

Amazing DX allows you to easily select your designated goods and services online.

First, please select as many goods and services as possible. After the search, it is easy to exclude the goods marked with × and search again.

If you are not sure which goods or services to select, please feel free to contact us via chat. Our attorneys specializing in trademarks will be happy to answer your questions.

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