Trademark Registration – Classification  Guide Class 13 in Japan

I’ve decided to start selling new fireworks for use at summer festivals.
I’ve prepared a product name and logo that will have a gorgeous impact like fireworks, and I want to register it as a trademark to prevent others from using it.

Then you need to remember to designate Class 13, which includes ‘fireworks in shell form’!
Class 13 contains a lot of GOODS related to firearms, tanks [weapons], and pyrotechnic products! Let’s check it out.

In the future, I’m thinking of downsizing and developing fireworks products for home use, but should I designate the same class13?

Class 13 is a category (classification) of firearms and pyrotechnic products, etc.

Class 13 mainly includes firearms, ammunition for firearms and projectiles [weapons], gunpowder, and fireworks.

Goods included in Class 13 and goods not included in Class 13

List of main Goods in Class 13

The following is a list of the main goods included in Class 13.

These goods can be designated by Amazing DX and trademark applications can be filed.

The above list of “main Goods in Class 13” is just an example.

Let’s take a closer look at what other goods are included in Class 13 and what goods are not.

When you want to designate such goods (goods included in Class 13)

Goods related to firearms, pyrotechnic products, etc.

When you want to designate the goods in Amazing DX, please designate the goods it contains.

For example,

Goods that you wish to designateSelecting on Amazing DX
machine guns
air pistols [air guns]
hunting rifles [sporting rifles]
anti-aircraft guns
gun mount
mockup rifles
noise-suppressors for guns
firearm sights
magazines for firearms
safety catches for firearms
sporting firearms
machine gun cartridges
air pistol bullets
shotgun cartridges
cartridge cases [weapon]
ammunition for firearms
black powder
smokeless powder
liquid explosives
initiating explosives
explosive powders
explosive primers
primers for cartridges
hand grenades
mines [explosives]
fuses of shell
fuse wires for explosives
aerial bombs
signaling flares
fireworks in shell form
explosive cartridges
cartridges for gunpowder
bomb releasers
projecting apparatus for bombs
pyrotechnic products and their peripherals


If you want to designate on Amazing DX, please contact our patent attorneys via chat.

Goods included in Class 13


I see, so the fireworks sold in supermarkets are classified as Class 28.

Other goods not included in Class 13

Crackers and other party goods and lamps

smokers’ articles

Weapons other than firearms

Let’s file a trademark application, designating goods in Class 13!

Class 13 is a classification for firearms and pyrotechnic products. If you are a manufacturer of weapons, firearms or fireworks, you should first consider Class 13.

Amazing DX allows you to easily select your designated goods and services online.

You can start by selecting a large number of products to search, and after the search, you can easily search again by removing only the ones that are marked with an “X”.

If you are not sure which goods or services to select, our trademark attorneys are available to answer your questions. Please feel free to contact us via chat.

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