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-Our leading Japanese "Patent & Trademark Law Firm" proudly provides a revolutionary AI-based
"Self Trademark Filing Service" that enables you to carry out trademark searches and branding by yourself at a remarkably low cost. Use "Amazing DX" and see the difference!-

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Our Trademark “Amazing DX” has been registered in Japan

The trademark “Amazing DX” of HARAKENZO WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK has been registered in Japan. […]

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What is "Amazing DX"?

Combining our attorneys' trademark expertise with the efficiency of AI,
we now offer a new low-cost trademark filing service
that can be easily used remotely and online.

"Amazing DX": A new trademark application service that cuts time and cost to the limit.

With fast searching and speedy applications, you can easily protect names and brands from imitators.

If you have any questions, please ask them via the chat box in the lower right corner, or contact any of the following staff via phone.

Yoshihiro NAKAMURA (Mr.)

Yoshihiro NAKAMURA (Mr.)

Benjamin FIELDS (Mr.)

Benjamin FIELDS (Mr.)

English Support Staff - Osaka [+81-6-6351-4384]
Phone hours: 9:00-16:30 (Japan Time), Mon.-Fri. (Excluding public holidays and other seasonal holidays)

Your ”attorney" is one of Japan's top law firms.

You can rest assured knowing that your applications will be handled with the utmost responsibility by HARAKENZO WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK - an internationally active IP firm with numerous excellent attorneys specializing in trademarks.

For more information, please refer to our websites.

■General website:
■Trademark-specialized website:
■Design-specialized website:


Simple Application Process

Simple Application

•The entire process can be completed online.
•Let Amazing DX handle the complex and difficult parts of the trademark application process.
•Please don't hesitate to ask questions in the chat pane in the lower right. An experienced trademark-specialist attorney will help you out.

Amazing Low Price

Low Price

•Trademark searches can be carried out for free.
•Our trademark-specialist attorneys have teamed up with AI to make amazingly low prices possible.

Receive Support via Chat

Continued Support
After Registration

•A unified system will manage not only your application status, but also renewal deadlines after registration.
•You'll receive notifications about upcoming renewal deadlines.

Continued Support After Registration

A Leading Firm
as your Attorney

•Amazing DX is operated by a leading Japanese IP law firm that's internationally active.
•We can ensure smooth handling of consultation and requests even from outside Japan.


(1 class)

On Application
1 class
Professional Fees
USD 199
Official Fee
USD 85
USD 284

On Registration
1 class
Professional fees
USD 180
Official fee
USD 120
Renewal period monitoring fee
USD 300

The cost varies depending on the number of classes(What are the classifications ?)。
Let us calculate the details of your expenses based on the number of classes appropriate for the products you are handling.

How to Use "Amazing DX"

Finish in as little as 3 minutes.
An experienced attorney will take care of all the complicated procedures!


Trademark Search

•First, do a free check of the registrability of the name you want to protect.
•Type your trademark into the search box, and then select the relevant products and services. This allows you to check whether that trademark has already been registered.
•If you have any questions along the way, you can ask for free via the chat feature!


Request Application Filing

•After saving the designated products/services used in your search, you can then easily proceed to make a request to file an application.
•Please follow the on-screen instructions to enter the necessary information, and then pay the application fees.


Preparation for Application

•An attorney will confirm the details of the application and prepare documents based on the information you entered in the request. You will receive a draft of the documents for you to confirm.
•If you have any questions, you can ask the attorney via the online message feature.


Filing of Application with Japan Patent Office

•Procedures for the application will be carried out by an attorney at
- a leading international IP firm with trademark expertise.
•The application will then be examined by the Patent Office over a period of approx. 14 months. We will send you notification of the result via email.


Registration after Examination

•Once the Patent Office approves the application for registration, we will contact you via email.
•Follow the provided instructions to pay the registration fee online.
•Once this is completed, your trademark will be registered! We will subsequently send you the original copy of your trademark registration certificate by post.
•Please note that in the examination process, the Patent Office may deem that the trademark cannot be registered. Even if this happens, it may still be possible to register the trademark by filing a response with the Patent Office. Please consult us as necessary.
•Our experienced attorneys can prepare and file an optimal response for you in such a case.
*Additional fees will be required.


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