Pricing Plans

639 USD for 1 class (including application and registration)
"Amazing DX" provides a new type of service
which has enabled a complete reworking of traditional case processing and management,
and thus a boldly reduced price.

Pricing for Trademark Application & Registration (basic fees)

Fee Calculator (basic fees)

No. of classes

1 Class
Breakdown Amount
Professional fee (Application) USD 199
Official fee (Application) USD 110
A. Total (Application) USD 309
Professional fee (Registration; 180 USD per class) USD 180
Official fee (Registration; for five-year payment installment) USD 150
B. Total (Registration) USD 330
Total (A+B) USD 639


*Official fee (Registration; for five-year payment installment) will be 155 USD per class paid on or after April 1, 2022.
*Please let us know if you wish to receive more in-depth support. Additional fees required. (We will provide an estimate first.)
*If a Notification of Reasons for Refusal is issued, the fees for responding thereto will be approx. 500~ USD. Note that additional fees will be required if said Notification is for multiple classes
*Accelerated examination will incur additional fees. Please also note that certain requirements must be met to receive accelerated examination. Please ask us for details.
*All fees listed include tax.
*Breakdown of Services
The basic fees shown above include the following services.
- Searching for similar trademarks
- Preparation of application documents (including registrability check and formality check)
- Agency of trademark filing before the JPO
- Management of applications and registrations
- Supporting (chat, e-mail and phone)

Payment method

Payment can be made by credit card
(Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club).
* A prepaid card like V preca is also available.