How to Write a Trademark Application – What You Need to Know and How to Download an Application

This article explains how to fill out the application form and how to download the template for those considering applying for trademark registration.


How do I fill out a trademark application?

You can download a template from the JPO website.

解決ロボ DXくん
解決ロボ DXくん

I see. What should I write?

Trademark and information about the applicant, such as name, nationality, and phone number. Then, if necessary, attach documents.

解決ロボ DXくん
解決ロボ DXくん

What should I do about goods and services?

The goods or services (services) in which the trademark is to be used must be clearly described by category. The classes are divided into categories of goods and services, ranging from 1 to 45, and multiple classes can be designated in a single application.

解決ロボ DXくん
解決ロボ DXくん

And then where can I download the template from?

Here is the link to the JPO website.
You can download the template here!

解決ロボ DXくん
解決ロボ DXくん

Well, I see. Thanks for the help.

First of all, an application template for filing a trademark application is available for download from the JPO website. Please follow the link below to go directly to the INPT portal and obtain the required format.

When filing a trademark application, there are several important items that must be completed on the application form. The details are explained here based on the application form template downloaded from the previous link. (The application form must be written in Japanese.)

Trademark to be registered:【商標登録を受けようとする商標】

The trademark you wish to register is pasted here. The size of the space for the trademark is 8 cm square. However, if there is a special need, the size may be up to 15 cm square.

Add a column for [Standard Character](【標準文字】) in the case of standard characters and a column for [3D Trademark](【立体商標】) in the case of 3D trademarks.

※What are standard characters?

If you use the characters designated by the Commissioner of the Patent Office, you can file your application as standard characters. This is effective in cases where a specific font has not been determined and is used in a manner similar to the commonly used Gothic typeface.

For more information on standard characters, please refer to the following article.

Designated goods or designated services and classification of goods and services:【指定商品又は指定役務並びに商品及び役務の区分】

The goods or services (services) covered by the trademark to be used must be clearly described for each category. The details of the designated goods or services are explained again below.

Applicant for trademark registration:【商標登録出願人】

This section contains detailed information about the applicant.

    ([Identification number]) (【識別番号】)

      Address or residence:【住所又は居所】

If you have an identification number, clearly state it and the [address or residence] is not required. If you do not have an identification number, write down the details of your address or residence.


If the applicant is an individual, provide his/her name, and if the applicant is a corporation, provide the exact name of the corporation. If the applicant is a corporation, add the name of the representative.


If the applicant is a foreign national, state his/her nationality and region. However, if the applicant has already indicated the same country/region as his/her nationality/region in the address field, it is not necessary to indicate it here.

     Telephone number:【電話番号】 Provide a telephone number where you can be reached.

List of items to be submitted:【提出物件の目録】

List the documents that must be submitted with the application (e.g., instructions, certificates, etc.). For sound trademarks, a CD-R or DVD-R containing the sound source in MP3 format should also be enclosed.

Additional information on designated goods and services

When filing a trademark application, it is important to clearly state the designated goods and designated services, as well as their classifications. The classes of designated goods and designated services range from 1 to 45, and multiple classes can be designated.

First, in the “Classification of goods and services” column, enter the classifications based on the appendix table in Article 2 of the Trademark Law Enforcement Order in brackets【】. For example,【第25類】(Class 25). This classification indicates goods in categories 1 to 34 and services in categories 35 to 45.

Please also refer to the following articles for more information on designated goods and services.

In addition, please refer to the following pages for an explanation of which goods and services are included in which categories and what is not included in each category.

Explanation by classification:

Once the classification is determined, the 【指定商品(指定役務)】”Designated goods (designated services)” field is then clearly indicated in a manner that can be understood concretely as to the content and scope of the goods (or services). If more than one category is to be designated, each category and the “Designated goods (designated services)” field should be added, and the designated goods (designated services) should be separated by a double-byte comma (,).

Examples are shown below.









If you have difficulty in classifying goods and services, and in writing designated goods and services, the “Product/Service Name Search” function of the Patent Information Platform (J-PlatPat) will be helpful. It can be accessed from the following link.

J-PlatPat 商品・役務名検索 

These are the basic steps in writing an application for trademark registration. By following these essentials and properly filling in the information on the downloaded template, you will ensure a smooth application process.

For more information on how to prepare your application, please also refer to the following pages.

Please refer to the following page for more information on electronic application.

If you have any questions or concerns about applying for trademark registration, we recommend that you consult with the Japan Patent Office or an expert. Trademark registration is an important step that contributes greatly to business branding and the protection of intellectual property rights, so it is advisable to proceed with appropriate support.

In addition, prior research is essential for a successful trademark registration application. By checking for already registered trademarks or similar trademarks, you can avoid application failure and trouble.


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