Do You Try to Register Trademark Yourself ? Explain Preparation of Application for Trademark Registration

Do You Try to Register Trademark Yourself ?

I’ve decided on the trademark and the range of goods/services to use to finalize the classes to file, and also searched the trademark and found nothing similar. It seems that it has a good chance of being registered, so I think I’m going to try to somehow get myself an application for trademark registration! How can I do it?
You can file paper documents and mail the documents or bring them to the JPO office, but you can also file online. However, you need to do some preliminary work when you go online.
I see. I’m interested in the online procedure, I’d like to do it myself. What kind of preparation do I need to do?

This article explain how to prepare for filing a trademark application online.
There are several ways to do this, and we will explain the process that is relatively easy for an individual using a My Number Card (IC card) and credit card payment.

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    1. Do You Try to Register Trademark Yourself ?
  1. 7 Steps to Online Procedure
  2. 1.Preparation of Personal Computer
    1. Required Software
  3. 2.Preparation of Electronic Certificates
    1. My Number Card (Personal Number Card)
    2. IC Card Reader/Writer
    3. Public Personal Authentication Service “User Client Software”
  4. 3.Download of Internet Application Software
  5. 4.Installation of Internet Application Software
  6. 5.Registration for Applicant Use
  7. 6.Preparation of Application Document
  8. 7.Electronic Filing (Payment of Fees)
  9. Summary
  10. Reference/Resource Information

7 Steps to Online Procedure

The following seven major steps must be completed to be able to complete the process online.
Since the environment for use is updated frequently, we recommend that you check the latest information on the JPO’s electronic application software support site, etc., which assists you in the online procedure.

  1. Preparation of personal computer
  2. Preparation of electronic certificates (My Number Card and IC card reader/writer)
  3. Download of Internet Application Software
  4. Installation of Internet Application Software
  5. Registration for applicant use
  6. Preparation of application documents
  7. Electronic filing (payment of fees)

*Please refer to the relevant links and related pages (Reference/Source Information) at the end of this article.

1.Preparation of Personal Computer

First and foremost, a computer is required for the online procedure.

*For details, please refer to the related links (Reference/Source Information) summarized at the end of this article.

Required Software

“Public Personal Certification Service “User Client Software”” is required to make an application using My Number Card. In addition, “Adobe Reader” is required to display foreign language document PDFs, etc..

2.Preparation of Electronic Certificates

Next, a digital certificate is prepared. There are two types of digital certificates: IC card format and file format, both of which can be used for individuals. This article describes the use of My Number Card (IC card format).
Note that only file format is available for corporations, and only IC card format is available for public offices and local governments.

My Number Card (Personal Number Card)

Use with My Number Card assumes that the card is equipped with two digital certificate functions (“digital certificate for signature” and “digital certificate for user certification”). Generally, unless you request not to use them, they are included as standard equipment. Each password is set in the application form for issuance of the card.

Normally, you will receive an issuance notice (a notification that the card is ready to be issued) approximately one month after you request for issuance. The applicant is required to bring the notice to the designated delivery location to receive the card.

IC Card Reader/Writer

An IC card reader/writer compatible with My Number Card is required. It is also necessary to install the software (driver software, etc.) required to operate the IC card reader/writer.

Please refer to the instruction manual included with the purchase of the IC card reader/writer or the manufacturer’s website for the required software.

Public Personal Authentication Service “User Client Software”

“User Client Software” ver. 3.0 or higher is required. After downloading and installing the software, set the IC card reader/writer to be used. For details, please refer to Public Personal Certification Service “User Client Software” Download (Windows) in the Reference/Source Information.

3.Download of Internet Application Software

To download “Internet Application Software” for online procedures with the JPO, a download request is required.

4.Installation of Internet Application Software

There are some precautions to be taken when installing the software, as mainly shown below.

For details, please refer to the E-Application support site.

5.Registration for Applicant Use

To proceed online with Internet Application Software, it is necessary to register a combination of “Identification Number” and “Electronic Certificate” with the JPO. This is called “registration for applicant use” and can be done online using Internet Application Software.

From the list of applications in the Windows Start Menu, select [Internet Application Software] ⇒ [Applicant Information and Certificate Management Tool] to register. For details, please refer to Reference/Source Information.

6.Preparation of Application Document

The preparation of application documents can be made more smoothly by using “Quick Document Preparation” provided by the JPO. Since “Quick Document Preparation” does not enable preparation of all documents, it is necessary to download a model (form) for some documents and prepare them. For details, please refer to Reference/Source Information.

7.Electronic Filing (Payment of Fees)

If a fee (patent stamp) is incurred during the electronic application filing process, the money for the stamp must be paid by one of the following means. For details, please refer to [Payment of fees] in Support User Guide in the following Reference/Source Information.

When paying by credit card, you must register for “3D Secure” and obtain a password from the credit card issuer’s website in advance. For details on 3D Secure and how to register, please contact your credit card issuer.

When you complete the procedure online, there is no information processing fee for digitizing documents, so the result is cheaper and therefore more economical.

As mentioned above, even for online procedures, various preparations are required to use the software, such as preparing electronic certificates and their peripherals, registering the applicant, and payment of the stamps.
It sure sounds like a lot of preparation and hard work. But now that I know what to prepare for, I’m one step closer. Based on the effort and time it takes to do all this preparation, I’ll decide if I want to do it myself or use an expert to do it for me!


We hope the above information is helpful. To file an application for trademark registration online by yourself, a considerable amount of effort and a reasonable amount of time in the preliminary work is required before filing the application. It is not just preparation of an application for a trademark application, and may take a considerable amount of time. Even if you are able to complete the process without problems, you may be delayed in obtaining your rights.
Please determine which way is more appropriate, do it yourself or request the specialist for the procedure based on the contents of the trademark that you wish to register and your circumstances.
The important thing is to protect your business by the trademark registration and to make an environment where you devote yourself to your business.

We offer a unique service called “Amazing DX” that allows you to complete the trademark registration process online (on our website). Since our patent attorneys handle the procedures, the process is speedy and inexpensive while ensuring the quality of our service. Please start from registering an account.

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