Intellectual Property and Trademarks

I’d like to know about the types of intellectual property rights and the overall picture, such as the relationship between intellectual property and trademarks.
For those involved in intellectual property, knowledge of intellectual property and trademark rights is essential. Let us teach you about them to those involved in intellectual property.

This article provides an overview of intellectual property rights, including the relationship between intellectual property and trademark law.

What is the Intellectual Property Rights System?

The intellectual property right system grants monopoly rights for a certain period of time over the results of a wide range of intellectual and creative activities between individuals. Intellectual property rights are protected by various laws.

Trademark rights are one of the intellectual property rights

Among intellectual property rights, the following four are called “industrial property rights” and are under the jurisdiction of the Japan Patent Office.
・Patent rights
・Utility model rights

・Design rights
・Trademark rights

Other (intellectual property rights other than the four laws)

In addition to the above industrial property rights, intellectual property rights include the following

Copyright (Copyright Act)
layout-design exploitation right
Breeder’s Right (Seeds and Seed Act)
Geographical display (Geographical Display Act, etc.)
Display of goods and form of goods (Unfair Competition Prevention Law)
Trade name (Companies Act, Commercial Code)

If you need help with intellectual property work, turn to a patent attorney, a professional in the field of intellectual property.

Patent attorneys are professionals in the intellectual property field. Patent attorneys are authorized by the Japanese government to file procedures with the Japanese Patent Office to obtain intellectual property rights. For more information about the work of a patent attorney, please refer to this page.

A patent attorney is a window to intellectual property rights. Please use a patent attorney when consulting regarding patent, utility model, design, trademark applications and registrations, use of trademarks, etc.

There are also different specialties among patent attorneys. Some patent attorneys are strong in technologies and other fields related to patent applications, while others are strong in trademarks, etc. Each has its own strengths.
Each company has its own objectives and business strategies for obtaining rights. Select a patent attorney to consult according to your company’s objectives. You can find a patent attorney by using the site map on the patent firm’s website.

I understand that intellectual property rights protect the results of intellectual creative activities in a wide range of fields, such as inventions. I heard that patent attorneys are experts in all industrial property rights, although they have their own specialties.
A patent attorney has to pass an advanced examination related to all industrial property rights to become a patent attorney. They are specialists who cover the basics of industrial property rights. They can consult with you not only about trademarks, but also about the relationship with other industrial property rights.
That’s reliable. I would feel comfortable consulting with them not only when seeking to register a trademark, but also when it comes to intellectual property-related matters.

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