Get Trademark Updates on Twitter? Explanation of Trademark Bots in Japan

I saw something called “a trademark bot” on Twitter.
I wonder what kind of account it is. Is there any danger in following it?
It’s an account that automatically transmits the contents of the Trademark Gazette.
It’s not dangerous, but there are a few tricks to using it

What is a trademark bot?

First, a bot is a program that automatically sends messages in communication tools such as Twitter.
A trademark bot is an account on Twitter that automatically posts the contents of trademark gazette data.

Where can I get that gazette data?
As for Japan trademarks, you can download the latest gazette from the JPO’s gazette website. If you format this programmatically and send it to Twitter, you can tweet the gazette information automatically.

Major Trademark BOTS

Major trademark bot accounts are as follows.

Trademark Bulletin BOT

This account was started in 2011.

Past data appears to be archived at Twilog.

Sound trademarks can be heard here.

kwixilvr, who operates the site, is developing a new service for trademark searches.

Trademark Watch Bot

This account was started in 2019.

You can do a more detailed search and refine your search here.

They are also developing similar services Patent Watch and Design Watch.

What can Trademark bot be used for?


It can be used to check the latest trademarks filed by a particular company.
It can also be used to track new TV series, games, and other content titles.

Easily bookmark trademarks you like

You can bookmark your favorite trademarks using Twitter’s “Favorites” feature.

Search using Twilog or other functions

If the trademark bot’s tweet content is recorded in Twilog, you can also search for past trademarks in Twilog.
You can also narrow down your search to “Trademarks filed in April 2020” and so on.
For those who are familiar with Twilog, it may be easier to use than J-PlatPat, the JPO’s official website.

Trademark bot’s weak points

Thus, although the Trademark Bot is suited for checking new trademark applications, there are some areas it does not support.

Cannot search for trademarks before the start of service.

Because the Trademark Bot tweets newly published trademarks in the Gazette, it cannot search for trademarks that were filed before the service was launched.
It is not suitable for searching even for trademarks that are very old but have been maintained in registration for a long time.

Searches that take into account “similarity” and “dissimilarity” are not possible.

When filing a trademark application, it is necessary to consider the similarity/dissimilarity of trademarks and the similarity/dissimilarity of goods/services, but it is difficult to conduct such a search on Twitter or Twilog.

It seems not a good way to search for trademarks that would hinder a trademark application via Trademark bots on Twitter.

If you want to search for a specific trademark instead of watching, use “Amazing DX”!

Thus, each trademark-related service has its suitability and unsuitability.

It would be better to use different databases for different purposes.

If you are thinking of applying for a trademark, we highly recommend Amazing DX.
It’s an easy way to see if there are any registered trademarks similar to the one you want to apply for!

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