How to anticipate Super Sentai and other titles from trademark registrations

I’m planning and selling products for boys, and I’d like to keep track of the Super Sentai and Kamen Rider trends for next year. Any suggestions on how to do this?
For content that gets a new title every year, the title is often trademarked, so you can get a head start!

How to know the title of the next tokusatsu series from registered or pending trademarks

There are many ways to keep track of other companies’ business trends.
One way to get a head start on information is to search for trademarks that have already been applied for or registered.

This article explains how to find out the title of the next tokusatsu series from a trademark application.

It is an ironclad rule to file a trademark application before you use it.

Why search for trademarks to anticipate trends?

The trademark system is one in which the first registered trademark has first rights.
Therefore, it is an ironclad rule to apply for a trademark before using it to avoid being preempted by others.

Oh, I heard that there is a smartphone game whose title was announced first, so they filed ahead of time and had to change the title later.

So, various content works often have trademark applications filed before the titles are announced.

Side note: By the way, can we use “Sentai” for our local heroes?

Okay, I’ll get right on it search for “戦隊” on Amazing DX I went to …… and found Bandai’s trademark “戦隊”. I’ve seen them use “戦隊 (Sentai)” for Japanese local heroes and such, is that ok?

Since “Sentai” and “XX Sentai” are not necessarily similar, there is not necessarily an immediate infringement under trademark law.
However, since it can be a matter of brand image, it is better to discuss the issue with the right holder beforehand to avoid any trouble.
Some local heroes continue their activities with the recognition of their existence by the trademark right holders, while there are also some local heroes whose activities have been discontinued.

Recommended watching service

If you want to monitor specific trademarks on a regular basis, we recommend a service called “Watching”.
It reports the results of searches for specific trademarks among the applied-for and registered trademarks on a “monthly” or “yearly” basis.

Paid watching services

Various trademark service companies offer watching services.
For example, Infosonar offers a monthly email service of search results for an initial fee of 10,000 yen and a monthly fee of 1,000 yen (both excluding tax). (As of March 1, 2022)

Trademark bots

Some on Twitter automatically tweet trademark application data based on data released by the JPO.
Some of these accounts can send you specific search results on a regular basis.

Recommended search services

But I can’t spend that much money, and I’m kind of reluctant to use Twitter.
So how about doing your own search?

Recommended time to search

There is a general trend in when applications are filed each year, due to the timing of program broadcasts and product development.
We recommend that you search at the following times.


This is a search service provided by the Japan Patent Office.
Above all, it is the most reliable because it is provided by the JPO.

Access J-PlatPat and enter “東映株式会社” in the “Applicant/right holder/Holder” field to search.
Trademarks of the same right holder will appear in the list.
(If you have trouble advancing through the pages of the site, use the Chrome/Edge extension AutoPagerize makes things a little easier.)

This would be a good way to search for all the titles I’m interested in.
It would be interesting to predict the content from the title. Okay, good luck with your product development!

Consult a Patent Attorney

If you find it difficult to search with J-PlatPat, please consult a patent attorney.
We will consult with you about the trends of other companies you are interested in.

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