Contact a patent attorney for your trademark registration needs! A patent attorney is your window to IP rights.

Contact a patent attorney for trademark registration consultation

I need to register a trademark, but who should I consult?
A patent attorney is a specialist in intellectual property matters such as trademarks and patents.
A patent attorney is a specialist who is authorized by law to provide consultation on intellectual property matters as part of his/her practice.

Patent attorneys generally belong to “patent firms” and provide consultation and represent clients in filing applications with the Patent Office to protect their intellectual property.

A patent attorney is an expert in intellectual property

If you have any questions or concerns regarding trademark registration, please consult with a patent attorney who is an expert in intellectual property.

In addition to trademarks, we can also provide consultation regarding patents, utility models, and designs.

What is the difference between a lawyer and a patent attorney? How can you consult with a patent attorney?

Who is a patent attorney?

A patent attorney is a specialist who represents clients in procedures related to intellectual property rights and assists them in their business.
The law stipulates that they can provide consultation regarding intellectual property rights as part of their work.
*Intellectual property rights is a general term for rights such as patents and trademarks. It is sometimes referred to as intellectual property for short.

Other professions, except for lawyers, are not allowed to provide consultation or representation regarding intellectual property as part of their practice.

How can you consult with?

Let us explain the specific method of consulting with a patent attorney regarding trademark registration.

 Find a patent attorney

First, decide which patent attorney you would like to consult.
You can check the websites of patent firms by searching for “Osaka Tokyo Patent Firm Trademark” in a search engine.

You can also search for patent attorneys and patent firms by region or field of specialty on 「弁理士ナビ」(Patent Attorney Navi), a website provided by the Japan Patent Attorneys Association.

Click here for the link to 「弁理士ナビ」(Patent Attorney Navi) (external site)

It is not recommended that you choose a patent attorney or patent firm simply because it is easily accessible from your office.

This is because patent attorneys generally have their specialties, such as patent attorneys who are strong in trademark registration, patent attorneys who are strong in patents, and so on.
In addition, if you plan to expand your business overseas, you should consider a patent firm or patent attorney who can also serve as a contact person for overseas applications.

Check the website of the patent firm or patent attorney and carefully determine whether or not you feel comfortable consulting with them regarding trademark registration.

 Make an Appointment

Once you have decided on a patent attorney, make an appointment to meet with him or her.

When consulting with a patent attorney regarding intellectual property rights, meeting with the patent attorney in person or via a web conference is common.
Based on the information on the website, etc., inform them by e-mail, telephone, fax, etc. that you wish to consult with them and make an appointment for an interview.

When consulting with a patent attorney regarding trademark registration, it is best to provide the following information in advance to facilitate the discussion.

If you wish to apply for a trademark

The website of the National Institute of Industrial Property Information and Training (commonly known as INPIT), an independent administrative agency, provides basic information and materials on trademark registration and other systems, forms for procedures, frequently asked questions, etc.
If you have time to spare, checking the information in advance may help you better understand the system when you consult with us.
In addition, INPIT offers free consultations regarding procedures with the Patent Office, such as trademark registration. However, INPIT is not an agency representing you in the procedures, so you will need to do the actual procedures yourself or ask a patent attorney to do it for you.

Click here for the link to INPIT (external site)

Do not hesitate to consult a patent attorney about anything you are unsure about!

At the interview, you will receive advice on trademark registration and application procedures.
Do not hesitate to ask questions about anything you do not understand, and do not hesitate to express your wishes if you have any. Explore strategies for utilizing your company’s intellectual property, including trademarks.

However, patent attorneys often handle multiple cases on their own, so it is necessary to schedule a consultation appointment with some time to spare.

Also, although many patent firms offer a free initial consultation, there may be a fee for the consultation.
We recommend that you inquire in advance with the person in charge about available consultation times and fees.

If there is an expert on trademark registration, I’m in good hands!

If you have a specific trademark for applying mind…

If you have a specific trademark for applying mind, or if you do not have time to meet with a patent attorney, we recommend you use AmazingDX.

Amazing DX is a service that allows you to determine whether or not your trademark is eligible for filing without meeting with a patent attorney, and to submit your application online.

For those who are not sure how to file a trademark application, we also offer a chat function. In the chat function, a person in charge will directly answer your questions about how to apply with AmazingDX. Please feel free to ask questions.

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