A trademark registration certificate is a document issued by the Patent Office as proof of trademark registration.

When my trademark is registered, I get a registration certificate, right? Should I keep it in a safe to prevent it from being stolen?
The information regarding the trademark registration, such as the rightful owner, is recorded and managed in the registry of the JPO.
Therefore, even if the registration certificate is stolen, it does not mean that you will lose your rights.
However, there is no possibility that you may need it, and since it is a proof that you have acquired the rights through hard work, we recommend that you keep it in a safe place.

What is a registration certificate?

A registration certificate is a proof of registration as a right.
Not only trademarks, but also patents, utility models, designs, and other intellectual property rights under the jurisdiction of the Japan Patent Office are issued with a registration certificate when they are registered.

When will it be issued? What can I do?

Normally, the JPO will send a registration certificate to the applicant’s address (or to the agent if there is an agent) about two weeks after the registration fee is paid and the registration process is completed at the JPO.

The original paper copy is mailed, not data.

The following is the registration certificate for the trademark “AmazingDX

Registration Certificate 01
Registration Certificate for our trademark

It contains information such as the registration number, trademark, designated goods and services, and address of the right holder.
The certificate is decorated with fine ornaments and has the signature and seal of the Commissioner of Japan Patent Office (JPO), although it is printed on the certificate.

However, just because you have a registration certificate does not mean that you can do something with it.
This is because information on trademark rights is managed in the registry at the JPO, not in the registration certificate.
The JPO also informs that the right is not lost even if the registration certificate is not in the possession of the right holder as follows

The absence of the patent (registration) certificate in the possession of the right holder does not mean that the right holder can no longer claim to be the right holder (e.g., the right is not transferred if the patent (registration) certificate is transferred).


If I change my address, will it be reflected in the registration certificate?

If you wish to change the name of your trademark, you must submit an application to the Patent Office.
Again, the registration certificate is not required.

The registration certificate will only contain the information as it was at the time of registration, so even if there is a change of name, a new registration certificate will not be issued.

Therefore, having a registration certificate does not indicate whether a person has trademark rights or not.

For example, if you receive a trademark from someone or conclude a license agreement, be sure to check the J-Plat-Pat or other databases or the JPO’s registry, not the registration certificate.

Is a registration certificate necessary?

Nevertheless, there are zero situations where it is better to have a registration certificate.

In business, there may be cases where you use the trademark for advertising or sales activities.
For example, in the process of acquiring a trademark in a foreign country, it may be necessary to show that the trademark is registered in Japan as a rebuttal to a refusal for some reason.
In this case, submitting a copy of the registration certificate is one possible means of showing that the trademark is registered in Japan.

Above all, it is a proof that you have obtained a trademark at great cost, so even if you do not plan to use it, we recommend that you keep it in a safe place so that it does not get dirty or get lost.

It is also a good idea to frame and display the registration certificate for important trademarks such as the company name or trade name.

Can it be reissued?

If you lose, tear, or deface your registration certificate, you can apply to the Patent Office for reissue.
However, a fee will be charged.
For details, please refer to the following page.

Patent Office homepage: Request for Reissuance of Patent (Registration) Certificate

If I lose my registration certificate, Patent Office can reissue it! I’ll keep the registration certificate I got so carefully!
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