The Purpose of Branding – Why is it necessary?

I hear that branding is important, but I don’t understand what’s so important about it.
As long as the product or service has good features and quality, won’t word of mouth spread and it will sell on its own?
Indeed, advertising without substance will not lead to true customer satisfaction, so quality is necessary.
But branding is not just advertising, it’s necessary to properly communicate functionality and quality.

This page provides an overview of branding.

What is branding?

What does branding mean?

A brand is an image that consumers and traders have of a business entity, product or service, such as a company or individual.
Branding is an activity to match the identity, uniqueness or “character” of the brand between the company (seller) and the consumer (buyer).

Importance and Purpose of Branding

Why is branding necessary?
Increasing awareness through advertising is one effect, but it is not the only one.

Get out of the price war

Products that lack “character”, that is, products that cannot be distinguished from other companies’ products, tend to be judged by “price”, which is a common value in the market.
In this way, to be chosen, you are forced to charge the lowest price in the market, and you are caught in an endless price competition.

The cost of goods varies depending on the business environment, so it’s hard to be in that situation…

Conversely, if you have proper branding, people will choose you based on factors other than price, so you don’t have to price too low.

Overcoming the Limits of Differentiation by Features and Quality

So, is it enough to differentiate on features and quality?
Technology has evolved so much in recent years that even if you sell new features or high quality, you will soon be overtaken by competitors.

This is what happens when technology evolves.

Yes, indeed, trying to differentiate the product by forcing new features on people who don’t have much to offer is going to cost you more in terms of sales.

Conversely, with proper branding, you can get people to buy the same product all the time, so you don’t have to make unnecessary differentiations.

attract customers and personnel that are suited to your culture.

For example, if you aim to be a health-conscious restaurant, but you get a bad reputation from customers you are not targeting, such as “I wanted more fatty meat,” you would not like it.
On the contrary, if branding is done properly, it will be easier to attract customers who are health-conscious by nature, and your restaurant’s reputation will improve.

The same is true in terms of recruitment.
If your company’s branding is appropriate and you can convey your company’s “character” appropriately, it will be easier to attract people who are in line with your culture and philosophy. This makes it easier to create a workplace that is full of enthusiasm and easy to work in.

I used to think that branding was about advertising, but I guess I can replace it with “communicating your company’s ‘character’ to various people” and “building connections with ‘character’ at the core”.

Branding is effective for small businesses and individuals

It is said that we are in the “age of the individual” where individuals are sellers to the many. In today’s information-rich society, branding is essential for individuals to find themselves among the many sellers.
Branding is especially effective for individuals because of the speed at which they make decisions regarding their entire business.

Among companies, branding is also highly important for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
The following page explains branding techniques for small and medium-sized companies.

Branding Techniques

So how should you plan and proceed with branding?

Branding Planning and Strategy

Branding is the process of aligning your company’s “character” with that of the seller and the buyer, so market research is necessary. It also requires a top-down approach to solidify the company’s unique identity.
We will conduct analysis such as SMTP analysis and 3C analysis, as well as research on the company’s brand image, to create a branding plan.

Branding Measures

Branding is the process of;

Outer branding is the process of appealing to buyers (external parties) with your company’s identity.

Branding Personnel

What qualities are required of personnel who promote branding?
The following article explains.

How to gain knowledge about branding

Since branding techniques vary depending on the means of communication with consumers/customers, we recommend that you read and learn from the books you need at the time.
The following article provides a list of recommended books.

There is also much to learn from branding success stories.

Elements of Branding

A brand is an image a buyer has of a seller, so every point of contact (touch point) a seller has with a buyer is a branding element.

Linguistic Elements

Linguistic elements of branding include, for example

Visual Elements

Visual elements of branding include, for example

A combination of linguistic and visual elements is a “logo”.

Other elements

Legal protections for branding

Brand “style” is easily imitated by others.
I have heard stories of brand websites that have been copied by third parties, with a similar domain name to the brand.
Is there any law against such cheating?
There are many laws, but it is especially important to make good use of “trademark law” to protect your brand.

Some of the laws that protect your brand include, for example;

Of these, “Trademark Law” is the most important for brand protection.
By registering a brand name or other branding element as a trademark, legal actions such as injunctions can be taken if others use it without permission.
It is even safer if you also apply for the same trademark as the domain name.

Once you have obtained trademark rights, you can renew them to protect your logo, etc. on a semi-permanent basis.

I see, a brand is not just an advertisement or decoration, but a “way of being” with customer empathy at its core.
We need to continue our efforts to maintain the “character” that resonates with our customers and continue our corporate efforts.

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Branding Book

The Purpose of Branding – Why is it necessary?

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Build an Attractive Brand by Registering a Graphic Trademark!

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For your branding, a trademark application is very important.

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