What is Pet Name? Explain what it relates to trademark registration!

What is pet name?

I hear the term “pet name” but I don’t know what kind of mark it refers to. Does it have anything to do with a trademark?
A pet name is one of the classifications of “product marks” and are used as separate from family names. A product mark is a mark used as a sign to indicate goods or services. Among them, those that indicate individual goods or services are called pet names.
Trademarks are closely related to the use of pet names as marks that indicate the goods or services themselves.

This article explains the pet name and its relationship to the trademark.

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    1. What is pet name?
  1. Overview and examples of pet name
  2. Difference between pet name and house mark
  3. Role of pet name
  4. Protection as registered trademark
  5. Comparison with house mark
  6. Summary

Overview and examples of pet name

A pet name is a mark applied to individual goods or services, also known as a product mark. The mark can be a letter, graphic or a combination of the two.

By placing a pet name on a product or service as a landmark, consumers and users can recognize the product or service. Therefore, the pet name plays an important role as a trademark to establish a brand for goods and services.

While a pet name is applied to an individual product or service, a family name is used as a series or typology of multiple products or services. Therefore, there are often several pet names for each family name.

For example, Toyota Motor Corporation has the “Corolla” series as a family name, and “Levin”, “Spacio”, “Fielder”, etc. as pet names. As another example, Suntory Holdings Limited uses the figure of a man holding a pipe (BOSS mark) as its family name, and its pet names include “Rainbow Mountain”, “All Star”, “Boss Presso”, “Silky”, “Tea Base”, etc.

Reference resource:Website of Suntory Beverage & Food Limited

Difference between pet name and house mark

While a pet name (product mark) is used as a mark to indicate the product or service offered itself, a house mark is used as a business sign for a company.

Please refer to the following article for detailed information on house marks.

Role of pet name

Pet names are often displayed as logos to indicate individual products or services, and thus play a role in enhancing the brand value of those products or services.

Protection as registered trademark

By registering a pet name as a trademark within the scope of the goods or services for which it is used, the pet name can be used exclusively within that scope, and injunctive relief and claims for damages can be filed against others who imitate or misuse the pet name.

The Trademark Law provides for a right of first use, but it should be noted that, in order for the right of first use to be recognized, the mark must be widely known among consumers, and if others preempt the mark, it may be impossible to use the mark.

Comparison with house mark

If we compare the pet name and the house mark in terms of the importance of the trademark, the house mark is given priority over the pet name in many situations as a general order of precedence.

Sure, you can change the pet name compared to the house mark… But it’s not that easy to change. So, it would be better to register a trademark for the pet name so that we can use and utilize it with peace of mind.

On the other hand, from a scale perspective, a pet name may be an easier brand strategy to work with than a house mark

If you are interested in learning more about branding, please refer to the following article page.

I see. I now have a better understanding of what the pet name stands for. I guess I should register it as a trademark as well as the house mark. I’ll consider it right away!


We hope you now have a better understanding of what a pet name is, and its role and importance. Please take this opportunity to consider registering your pet name as a trademark.

For your branding, a trademark application is very important.

Let’s sign up and search for the trademark which would be obtained safely.

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