This section introduces “brand managers” involved in branding.

While searching for the term “branding,” I keep seeing the term “brand manager” thrown around a lot.
What exactly does a “brand manager” do? What role does he/she play?
In a nutshell, a “brand manager” is “a person who develops strategies for branding from a managerial perspective.” Let’s take a look at the details of the job together.

This article describes one of the roles associated with branding work: the Brand Manager.

What is a “Brand Manager”?

There are many roles and tasks in the branding business. Among them, the role of “brand manager” is one that many people involved in branding have probably heard of.
The “brand manager” is responsible for the overall management of a brand, from its creation to its management, in order to increase its value as an asset. Brand strategy involves overall activities such as market research, product development, and promotional activities. As the person responsible for brand strategy, the brand manager is the key person in the management of the company.

(Reference: Brand Manager Certification Association) 

Knowledge required of brand managers

The Brand Manager is expected to have the following knowledge and skills, for example.

Knowledge of branding
Knowledge of marketing
Observation and analysis skills
Ability to create plans
Presentation skills
Communication skills
Knowledge of intellectual property laws

Within the company, the brand manager is responsible for enhancing the value of the brand from the management’s perspective and implementing business strategies.
A wide range of skills are required, including the ability to analyze information as well as the fundamentals of branding and marketing strategies.

Brand managers are expected to play an active role both internally and externally.

One part of the brand strategy is to maintain brand consistency. To this end, it is essential not only to reach out to a large number of consumers and customers, but first of all, it is essential that the brand penetrate the people closest to the brand, such as the employees and partners of the company.
For this reason, in recent years, attention has been focused on external branding activities (external branding) and internal branding activities (internal branding), and brand managers are expected to play an active role both inside and outside the organization.

Once a brand image has been established, it is difficult to reverse it easily. In order to ensure that the company’s intended brand image permeates customers as intended, it is important to work together with those who have systematic knowledge of brand management and brand strategy, as well as those who are well versed in brand strategy. It is also necessary to have a brand manager who not only has knowledge and qualifications in brand strategy, but also in marketing.

Brand managers help brands grow

After a product or service is launched as a brand, consumers/customers come into contact with the brand and evaluate it in various ways. While some evaluations may be positive, others may be negative.
Therefore, it is necessary for the brand manager to carry out consistent activities to grow the brand so that it will receive a positive evaluation.

Brand managers are also required to have knowledge of IP operations.

It is also important to consider designing a company logo as part of your branding strategy. This is because a visual element such as a trademark is necessary to instill the values and direction of the company’s brand to employees, consumers, and customers. By making the values of the brand visible, numerous consumers and others can easily visualize the company’s brand.
Since many companies utilize trademarks for branding strategies, knowledge of trademark law and other laws related to intellectual property is essential for brand managers.

I see that the brand manager is required to have knowledge of IP and is also involved in IP work.
However, when it comes to IP-related work, some cases are difficult to handle without practical experience. In particular, applications for trademark applications must be prepared with an understanding of the examination criteria, otherwise it will be troublesome later on.
We recommend that those who have little experience in IP work or those who believe they have issues regarding the execution of IP work use the services of an expert.
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