Here’s how to display the Ⓡ mark, etc. on your smartphone for your registered trademark!

Is it possible to input the “Ⓡ” symbol on a smartphone? I’ve never entered symbols on a smartphone before, so I don’t know…
You can do it. It is convenient to input symbols not only from a computer, but also from a smartphone.
Let’s take a look at how to input symbols with a smartphone.

In a separate article, we introduced how to enter symbols on a PC (Windows version, etc.).
In this article, we will show you how to enter symbols using a smartphone.

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  1. Brief explanation of each mark
  2. How to display each mark
  3. summary

Brief explanation of each mark

What should we do if we want to display a symbol (® mark) indicating that it is a registered trademark on a smartphone, etc.?

In this article, we will show you how to input each symbol using the iPhone.

*We have provided information on the meaning and differences of each mark and the different types of marks to be used depending on whether they are registered trademarks or not in a separate article. If you would like to know the difference in the meaning of each mark, please click here.

Only the meaning of each symbol is briefly reviewed below.

The Ⓡ mark is a “registered trademark” in English, meaning a “registered trademark”.
There are no specific regulations regarding the use of the Ⓡ mark, but it is mainly used by placing it in a small corner of a registered trademark (brand name, logo, etc.).

On the other hand, the TM mark is simply the “trade mark” in English, i.e., the display of a “trademark”. Therefore, it can be applied to trademarks that have been applied for but not yet registered or trademarks that have not been applied for in the first place without any problem.
The TM mark is used in the same way as the above example of the use of the Ⓡ mark, by placing it slightly in the corner of the trademark (brand name, logo, etc.).

How to display each mark

© (Copyright, Copyright), ™ (Trademark, Unregistered Trademark), Ⓡ (Registered Trademark, Registered Trademark)
Each of the above symbols can be entered on a Japanese keyboard as follows and converted to the respective symbols.

© … コピーライト
™ … トレードマーク
Ⓡ … まるあーる

As long as you remember what the symbols mean and how to read them, you can easily display them on your smartphone.

Surprisingly easy to display symbols! If only I knew how to do this, it would be useful even when I am on the road without a computer.
Here is an example, but it would be useful to know a few ways to add symbols on the screen
Now all we need to do is pay attention to the trademark status, make sure we use the right symbols, and we’re good to go!


In this article, we have introduced examples of how to display the “Ⓡ” mark, “TM” mark, and other marks on a smartphone.

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