How can I have the Ⓡ mark, etc. appear in my trademark?

My trademark application has finally been approved for registration! I want to use my trademark with the “Ⓡ” mark, but how do I get this mark to appear next to my trademark?
The method of operation will vary slightly depending on the device you are using. Here we teach you how to display the “Ⓡ” mark using “Windows”.

Trademark Registration Display

A trademark has finally been registered after passing a rigorous examination.
When actually using a registered trademark, what should you do if you want to display the Ⓡ mark for the trademark?

In a separate article, we provided information on the meaning and differences of each mark and the different types of marks used depending on whether they are registered trademarks or not.

If you would like to check the meaning of each mark, please click here.

This article describes how to display the “Ⓡ” mark on a trademark. In addition to the “Ⓡ” mark, this article also introduces how to display the “TM” mark.

How to display each mark (for Windows)

How to display each mark by keyboard input

Ⓡ (Registered Trademark)
 Hold down the “Ctrl” key + “Alt” key and press the “R” key.

TM mark (trademark mark)
 Press the “T” key while holding down the “Ctrl” key + “Alt” key.

Input from [Insert] tab

On the [Insert] tab, in the [Symbol] group, click [Symbol]. The Ⓡ mark or TM mark will appear in the list of symbols, and click the desired mark.

source (e.g. quotation):Microsoft Support

About the display position of the mark

The Japanese Trademark Law has no provisions regarding the “®” mark. Therefore, naturally, there is also no provision regarding the position of the mark.
The “®” mark or any other mark may be displayed anywhere, but it may be better if it is displayed in an image of the product bearing the trademark, close to the letters or logo and easily visible to the general public.

I see! So this is how you can put a mark on a trademark!
I’m sure we can use this method of attaching marks to all kinds of registered trademarks from now on!
Incidentally, if you want to enter a mark on a browser, such as for an Internet search, it does not appear to be possible to use shortcuts to enter the mark.
Using the predictive conversion function, it is possible to input the mark.
Also, you can input copyright marks (©, copy right) by using the predictive conversion function.


In this article, we have introduced an example of how to display each mark, such as the “Ⓡ” mark and the “TM” mark.
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