The Japan Patent Office with jurisdiction over trademark applications and registrations explained!

What is the Japan Patent Office?

I would like to register my trademark, where do I file the application?
If you wish to obtain trademark rights in Japan, you must file an application with the Japan Patent Office, a national agency.

This article explains what the Japan Patent Office is.

What is the Japan Patent Office ?

The Japan Patent Office (JPO) is the national agency for the proper protection of the fruits of intellectual creation in Japan, including inventions (patents and utility models) and designs (designs) as well as trademarks. The JPO examines applications from technical and legal aspects and decides whether to grant or deny rights. If there is an appeal against the results of the examination, there is also a trial division which functions as the first instance in place of the district court.

What is Trademark?

A trademark is a mark (such as letters or graphics) used by a business to distinguish its goods or services from those of others. Trademark rights are registered as a set of the “mark” and the “goods or services to be used”.

To Register in Foreign Country

Incidentally, in the case of foreign countries, each country has its own equivalent of the Japanese Patent Office, and rights are established on a country-by-country basis. If you are interested, please access the following related links.
Is it necessary to apply for a trademark in a foreign country? How to file an application?

Location (address) of the Japan Patent Office

The Patent Office is located in an area of Tokyo called Kasumigaseki (near the Diet Building and the Imperial Palace). It is not located in a rural area, but you can submit procedural documents by mail or now online.

Role of the JPO

The JPO not only examines applications, but also provides intellectual property infrastructure to facilitate corporate activities, promotes the use of intellectual property by small and medium-sized enterprises and universities, establishes regional brands, and conducts planning for industrial property rights, such as measures against counterfeit goods.

Information from the JPO

In order to meet the needs of users of the system, information on intellectual property rights is provided through its homepage (website), publication of Internet gazettes, DVD-ROM gazettes, etc., and the Patent Information Platform.
So the patent office is where they examine applications for trademarks and other applications that have been filed. Alright, let’s get on with filing a trademark application!


We hope the above is helpful. In order to register a trademark, it must be filed with the Japan Patent Office.

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