Search Platform for Trademark Application/Registration Information in Japan

Patent Information Platform?

Is it possible to easily find out which trademarks exist in Japan?
You can use Patent Information Platform “J-PlatPat” which allows you to obtain information of trademark applications/registrations in japan. I recommend the tool which is available free of charge.

The article explain about Patent Information Platform “J-Plat Pat” which enables search of information of Japanese trademark registrations.

Who Operates Patent Information Platform?

Patent Information Platform “J-PlatPat” is operated by INPIT (“National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training”).

What is INPIT?

INPIT is an incorporated administrative agency under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. It is an organization that originated from the facility for browsing documents such as gazettes set up in the Japan Patent Office, and operates Patent Information Platform “J-PlatPat” as one of the external information services. In addition, a wide range of businesses are operated relating to industrial property rights such as industrial property consultation, external information services, and human resource development business.

What You Can Do with Patent Information Platform

Patent Information Platform “J-PlatPat” contains information on legal status such as procedures and examination progress, in addition to trademark application/registration information (publication information) in Japan. You can browse the information in the platform.

In addition, the menu has a function to search not only trademarks but also other intellectual property information (patents / utility models (inventions) and designs).
You can also search in English by selecting English language at the top page.

Terminals and Web Browsers to Access

The site can be accessed from PCs as well as tablets and smartphones.

Recommended web browsers are Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari for windows and macOS, and Android Google Chrome and iOS Safari for Android and iOS. Please refer to the following links for reference and source information (User’s Guide).

Items That Can be Searched

The following items (keywords) and others can be searched for trademarks and are listed on the screen.

Number search (application number, registration number, trial number, etc.)

*Similar trademarks can also be searched in the Trademark Search.
*Search results can also be narrowed by adding the application date, registration date, and its duration to the search items.

This system may be difficult to operate for first-time users. Please refer to the following link for specific operating instructions for beginners.
I see! When candidates for new names of company, products, or services are considered, they would be narrowed down based on the search results of “J-PlatPat” which is free to use before filing a trademark application. I will use it right away!

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We hope you have gained an understanding of how to search for trademarks on Patent Information Platform “J-PlatPat.

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