How much does it cost to register a trademark? We explain the cost of obtaining a trademark in simple terms.

What is the cost of the trademark registration process?

I want to register a trademark, how much does it cost?
To register a trademark, an application fee must be paid to the JPO when filing the application and a registration fee must be paid to the JPO when registering the trademark.
These application and registration fees vary depending on the number of classes.
I see.
I heard that I can register a trademark by myself. Is there any difference at all between doing it by myself and having a patent office or a patent attorney do it?
If you file the application yourself, you only need to pay the stamp fee to the Patent Office.
If you hire a patent firm or a patent attorney, you will have to pay a fee. Fees vary from office to office. It is important to check in advance what kind of services are offered and how much they cost.

This article explains in detail the fees required for trademark registration, including how to calculate the fees to be paid to the Patent Office if you file the application yourself, and the market rates for fees if you request a patent attorney.

Fees for trademark registration

The total fees for trademark registration are approximately as shown in the table below.
The fees are divided into “fees to be paid to the Patent Office (patent stamp fee)” and “fees to be paid to a patent attorney.
If you register your trademark on your own, you will only have to pay the Patent Office fee.

Number of classesOfficial feeRequest a patent firm OR use our online service*
1approx. 30,000yenapprox. 140,000yen or approx. 50,000yen
2approx. 60,000yenapprox. 230,000yen or approx. 100,000yen
3approx. 80,000yenapprox. 350,000yen or approx. 150,000yen

*Online services are operated by patent attorneys (patent firms) and allow for speedy procedures on a website while guaranteeing a certain level of service and keeping prices low.

※The cost of registering a trademark depends on the number of classes for which the application is filed.

The classifications are divided by field of goods and services and range from Class 1 to Class 45.
For more information on classifications, please see the guide article below.

Fees related to trademark searches

If you wish to check the registrability of your trademark prior to registration, you can request a search from a patent firm.
The costs associated with the survey are approximately as follows
One Class:30,000 yen
Two Classes:40,000 yen
Three Classes:50,000 yen

There is, of course, no cost to do your own research.
If you wish to conduct your own search, please click here for detailed search information.

Timing of cost incurred

There are two times that fees are always incurred from the time of application until the trademark is registered: at the time of filing the application and at the time of registration.
This is the same whether you file the application yourself or request a patent attorney (patent firm).

 ・Official (Stamp) fee at the time of application

The stamp fee to be paid to the JPO for a regular trademark registration application is as follows
 3,400 yen + (8,600 yen x number of classes)

The following is for applications for a defensive trademark or renewal of a right based on a defensive trademark.
However, it is unlikely that an individual will register a defensive trademark.
 6,800 yen + (17,200 yen x number of classes)

 ・Stamp fee at the time of registration

The stamp fee to be paid to the JPO as a 10-year trademark registration fee is as follows
 32,900 yen x number of classes

Trademarks are granted 10-year rights upon registration, but instead of paying the 10-year registration fee all at once, you can choose to pay the fee to the JPO in installments over the first half and the second half of the 5-year period.

The cost of stamps for payment in installments for the first and second terms is as follows
  17,200 yen x number of categories

This is a little more expensive than paying for 10 years at once, but you can choose this option if you change your trademark or may no longer be using it.

The JPO fee (stamp fee) can also be calculated on the JPO website (fee calculation system, Japanese only).

 Other Expenses

In addition, fees are charged when requesting a patent attorney to conduct a search prior to filing an application, or when requesting a patent attorney to prepare a written opinion or respond to an amendment in the event of a refusal in the examination by the Patent Office.

Furthermore, if the reasons for refusal remain unresolved even after submitting a written opinion or amendment as described above and when a decision of refusal is issued by the JPO, an appeal against Decision of Refusal must be filed in order to obtain registration.

In the case of a request for a trial, you will have to pay patent office fees according to the number of class, and the fees for patent attorneys may also be high.

Renewal procedures are required to extend the term of the right further after the expiration of the term of duration.
In this case, there is also a renewal registration fee to be paid to the Patent Office and a fee for a patent attorney.

 Summary of costs by timing (for one trademark and one classification)

The following is a chronological summary of the costs, including fees, of hiring a patent attorney.
(Approximate cost for filing an application for one trademark in one category)

  1. Search ⇒ 0 yen to about 30,000 yen (patent attorney’s fee)
  2. Filing application ⇒ 12,000 – 62,000 yen (patent office fees + patent attorney’s fees)
  3. Examination stage ⇒ 0 yen to about 100,000 yen (patent attorney’s fee) *The fee generally varies greatly depending on the degree of difficulty.
  4. Registration ⇒ 32,900 yen to about 80,000 yen (patent office fee + patent attorney’s fee)
    *Often a contingency fee is required at the time of registration.
  5. Renewal ⇒ 43,600 yen to 80,000 yen (JPO fees + patent attorney’s fees)

(Special procedures such as requests for appeals are not included.)

Points to keep in mind when filing your own application

If you hire a patent attorney, you may have to pay a fee, which may be beyond your budget.
In that case, you may consider filing the application yourself.

Filing an application on your own has the advantage of lower costs, but there are also possible disadvantages such as complicated procedures and failure to register the appropriate rights.

In particular, since trademark rights are registered as a set of a trademark and the goods or services in which the trademark is used, the issue is whether the goods or services in which the trademark is used can be selected correctly.

If this choice is not made properly, there may be problems such as not being able to use the rights against the infringer or the subject of the license agreement not being in the scope of the rights.

For more information, see the guide article below.

Advantages of Online Services

Recently, various online services operated by patent firms have been offered.

In the past, it was necessary to visit a patent office or consult with a patent attorney by phone or e-mail, but some online services allow you to easily consult with a patent attorney by chatting or meeting with him or her online and receive support for your application.

It would be more comfortable to get expert advice on the choice of classification and various trademark-related questions.
Another advantage is that information about the trademark applied for can be viewed online.

Our online service “Amazing DX” allows you to consult with our patent attorneys via chat.
In addition, registered users can manage the entire process from application to registration online.

I’m worried about doing it all myself, but with online services, I can get the support I need to keep costs down and still have peace of mind about my application.

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We hope you now understand the cost and timing of trademark registration.

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