How much is the fee (patent fee) for trademark renewal?

How much is the renewal fee?

How do I calculate the fee required to renew a registered trademark?
Does it depend on the number of classes, like when I apply for trademark registration?

That is correct. It depends on the number of classifications, the number of years you pay and when you pay.
Before you apply, make sure you have your fee information in order.

Thanks, I’ll check it out as soon as I can.

Regarding patent (renewal) fees

Not only trademark rights, but also registered intellectual property rights (patents, utility models, and designs) can be continued by paying a patent (registration or renewal) fee to the Patent Office during a specified period.

Only trademark rights can be extended for 10 years by paying a renewal fee, but other intellectual property rights expire at a certain time.

This article will focus on the “costs” that may be incurred when renewing a trademark.

Trademark renewal fee

The basic fees for renewing a trademark are as follows;
・Number of classes x 43,600 yen
*Please note that this is different from the trademark registration fee (number of classes x 32,900 yen) to be paid after the registration examination.

It is also possible to pay in installments (for the first and second semester payments) as at the time of registration. In that case, the following is applicable.
・Number of classes x 22,800 yen
*Please note that this is different from the amount of the trademark registration fee installment (number of classes x 17,200 yen) to be paid after the registration examination.

However, these fees are for payments made during the normal renewal period (from 6 months prior to the expiration date until the expiration date).
Payment can be made even six months after the expiration date, but in that case, the renewal fee must be doubled. (Trademark Law Article 23.2)

The table below shows the fees by the number of categories. (Up to 5 classifications are listed.)
Please use this as a convenient tool for checking renewal fees.

Class(es)normal renewal period (10 years)normal renewal period (5 years)after the expiration date
1 class43,600yen22,800yen87,200yen
2 classes87,200yen45,600yen174,400yen
3 classes130,800yen68,400yen261,600yen
4 classes174,400yen91,200yen348,800yen
5 classes218,000yen114,000yen436,000yen

Please note that due to the revision of the Patent Law, some fees have changed effective April 1, 2022.

-Japanese only-Notice of Fee Revision due to Revision of Patent Law, etc. in 2021 (Effective on April 1, 2022)

If we know the cost, we can prepare in advance. Let’s avoid overstaying the renewal period.

Renewal of Internationally Registered Trademarks (Column)

The procedure for renewing an international registration trademark is different from that for a trademark registered in Japan.
Here is a brief explanation.

Fees for renewal of an international application for registration must be paid to both the “fee to be paid to the Japan Patent Office (Home Office)” and the “international fee to be paid to the International Bureau (WIPO)”.

JPO Fee: 4,200yen (each of trademarks)
WIPO Fee: a) Basic fee: 653 CHF*
     b) Complementary fee: 100 CHF x Designated Contracting Parties
     c) Supplementary fee: 100 CHF (3 or more classes, per a class)
   d) Individual fee: Varies from country to country
*If the normal renewal deadline is missed, half of the base fee will be added as a surcharge.

I guess I’d better leave the renewal of international registration trademarks to patent firm(s).

Electronic Fees

In order to promote efficient processing of procedures, the JPO recommends that all procedures be filed electronically.
Therefore, if you wish to proceed in writing (by mail, etc.), you may be required to pay an electronic processing fee.

An application for registration of renewal of trademark duration is subject to an electronic filing fee when submitted in writing.

The fee is 2,400 yen per case plus 800 yen per document.


I understand the “cost” of updating, but would it be better to do it myself or leave it to them?

If you ask a patent attorney or a patent firm to manage your application, you will have to pay an attorney fee, but they will manage the due date well.
In fact, many applicants request patent firms to manage their patent applications after renewal, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you. I will consider it.

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