Form, Instructions and Notes for Trademark Registration Fee Payment!

When Receiving Registration Decision

I filed a trademark application and successfully received a decision to registration. The notice of the decision says, “The registration fee must be paid within 30 days from the date of receipt of this document”. I am wondering if I have to pay the registration fee.
That is correct. A trademark right is registered only after the registration fee is paid by submitting “Trademark Registration Fee Payment”.
I’am one step closer to registration. I wonder if the paperwork is a hassle.

Two Types of Examination Results

It takes about 6 to 11 months after the trademark application is filed to complete the examination by the Patent Office. The examination result will be announced in the form of either “decision to registration” or “notice of reason for refusal”. If the trademark registration is approved, the applicant will receive “decision to registration”, and if not, “notice of Reason for Refusal”.

This article explains the form, how to fill out and what to keep in mind in filling out the form for “Trademark Registration Fee Payment” required when a trademark registration is granted.

Deadline for Payment of Registration Fee

Receipt of Registration Decision does not constitute a right by itself. To register a trademark right, a registration fee must be paid within 30 days of receipt of the registration decision.

How Much Is Registration Fee?

The duration of a trademark right is 10 years. There is a difference in the amount depending on whether the payment is made in a lump sum for 10 years or in installments for 5 years.
If you would like to pay for 10 years in a lump sum, the amount is the number of classes x 32,900 yen.
If payment is made in installments for 5 years, the amount is the number of classes x 17,200 yen.

How to Pay Registration Fee

There are some ways to pay the registration fee.

If you do it yourself, you would have to affix a patent stamp and submit it to the Patent Office (either by mail or by hand at the Patent Office).

Registration Fee Payment Form

The following of the registration fee payment form is available on the JPO website by downloaded.

Items A through F above are explained with an example assuming a case where the form attaching a patent stamp is to be submitted.

A【提出日】[Date of submission]

Please indicate the date you submit the payment form based on the Japanese era.
Example: 令和4年3月31日 (March 31, 2022)

B【出願番号】[Application number]

Enter “trademark application number” as indicated in “Registration Decision”.
Example: Trademark Application (商願) 2022-XXXXXX]

C【商品及び役務の区分の数】[Number of classes of goods and services]

Enter “the number of classes of goods and services” as indicated in “Registration Decision”.
Example: 1

D【商標登録出願人】[Applicant for trademark registration]

Enter “applicant for trademark registration” as indicated in “Registration Decision”.
Example 1: Taro Yamada Example 2: 〇△ Inc.


Fill in the information regarding the person paying the registration fee.
【識別番号】[Identification Number] ⇒ Fill in the number indicated in “Notification of Identification Number” (postcard) notified by the JPO.
【住所又は居所】[Address or Residence] ⇒ (If the identification number is stated, [Address or Residence] column may be omitted.
【氏名又は名称】[Name] ⇒ If the payer is a natural person, enter his/her name. If the payer is a corporation, enter the name of the corporation and the name of its representative in the “Representative” column next to the “Name” column.

F(特許印紙)(Patent Stamp)

Please attach a patent stamp of the same amount as the registration fee and enter the amount of the patent stamp in parentheses ( ). **Please note that tally-impression to patent stamp is not required.**

Other Notes (5-year installment payment)

The item “【納付の表示】分割納付 [Indication of Payment] Installment Payment” should be filled in only when payment is made in installments for 5 years. **It is not necessary to enter the item if payment is made in a lump sum for 10 years. **

I see! I guess it is not so difficult if I use the form provided by the JPO and prepare it based on the description of the registration decision. The additional description is required for payment in installments for 5 years.

Reference and Source Information


We hope you have understood how to fill in the trademark registration fee payment form and its notes. You will receive Trademark Registration Certificate in one to two months after submitting the form.

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