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First Steps to Trademark Registration. What is a Logo?

I am in the process of starting a new business and have created a logo for it, will this logo be protected if I apply for it somewhere?

Once a logo mark is applied for and registered with the Japan Patent Office, trademark rights arise and are protected as rights. However, it does not mean that any mark can be registered as a trademark if an application is filed. Can you show me the logo you are planning to apply for?

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    1. First Steps to Trademark Registration. What is a Logo?
  1. What is a logo mark?
  2. What logos cannot be registered?
    1. Let’s search for the existence of identical or similar trademark registrations of others!
  3. Trademark Search Site

What is a logo mark?

The words “logo” and “logomark” are not legal phrases (trademark law). The term “logo” is generally used to refer to a logotype trademark consisting solely of designed letters and a symbol (figure or illustration) combined with the logotype trademark.

What logos cannot be registered?

For example, the following logos are not eligible for trademark registration under the system

A logo marks that indicate the common name of the goods or services in a common manner (Trademark Law Article 3(1)(i)).

A logo mark that is commonly used and accustomed to the goods or services among persons in the same trade (Trademark Law Article 3(1)(ii)).

Extremely simple and commonplace (Trademark Law Article 3(1)(v)).

A trademark that cannot be recognized by consumers as being the goods or services pertaining to the business of a person (Trademark Law Article 3(1)(vi)).

There is another person’s registered trademark that is identical or similar to the trademark used in connection with the designated goods or designated services or goods or services similar thereto (Trademark Law Article 4(1)(xi)).

Please note that these are just examples, and there are other cases where registration may not be granted.

Let’s search for the existence of identical or similar trademark registrations of others!

If it is that logo, we believe that distinctiveness is not a problem, and we may be able to obtain a right to it. However, if a similar trademark has already been registered, it will be difficult to get the trademark registered. If you want to take all possible measures to register your trademark, we recommend that you conduct a trademark search before filing an application.

I wonder, can I do a trademark search on my own? Do you have any good information?

If, after filing an application, it is discovered that an identical or similar trademark has been registered and the trademark cannot be registered, all the time and money spent up to that point will have been wasted.
It is recommended that you conduct a trademark search before filing an application to determine the likelihood of registration.

This article describes how to conduct your own search for a logo.

Trademark Search Site

Using Google’s search engine, it is possible to check the public use of a logo (mainly the text portion), but it is not possible to check the registration status. Therefore, it is necessary to check the registration status of a trademark by other means. There are several free and paid search engines for trademark registration status.

・Amazing DX

This site is designed to be easy to use even for beginners.
If you have any questions during a simple search (free of charge), you can receive help from the AI (artificial intelligence).
You can also request an application (for a fee) directly after searching, and receive online support from a patent attorney specializing in trademarks.

For more information

・Patent Information Platform (J-PlatPat)

This is the official gazette information search site provided by the Industrial Property Information and Training Institute, an independent administrative agency under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
It is a standard search site, but there are several search methods, so those who are not regular users may find it somewhat difficult.

For more information

I’m a little nervous about my first trademark search, so I’d prefer to have help and support. Plus, depending on the search results, I plan to file soon, so I’ll do a search on Amazing DX.

AmazingDX is a new trademark application service that minimizes time and cost. You can quickly search for a name or brand name that you do not want others to imitate and file your trademark application quickly. After filing an application, you can check the status of your trademark application online at any time and manage renewal deadlines at once. In addition, since this service is provided by an international patent and trademark law firm with a wealth of experience and practice, it is possible to smoothly handle subsequent foreign applications.

*Amazing DX will search the text portion of the logo. If your logo includes a graphic part, a separate graphic serch is required.

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