Trademark Application Process: Application Procedure with Amazing DX Explained

If you want to file application for trademark registration

I want to register a trademark, but I’m not sure about doing it myself, so I’d like to request an expert to do it on my behalf. I don’t know where to go to get it done.
You can gather a lot of information about patent firms and patent attorneys by searching the Internet.
That said, if you don’t know anything, you don’t know how credible that information is.

This article will explain the differences between the general process of filing a trademark application and the process with Amazing DX.

General Trademark Application Process

In order to obtain trademark rights, it is necessary to file an “Application for Trademark Registration,” a document describing the trademark, etc. for which rights are to be obtained, to the Japan Patent Office. After filing, the JPO will examine the application, and if it meets the requirements for registration, the applicant will be granted registration. After the examination, the applicant must pay the registration fee, and the trademark rights will be registered. In general, the flow from filing of an application to registration of trademark rights is as shown below.

What are minimum information requirements for filing an application?

The following is the minimum information required to file a trademark application.
This is the same whether you file the application yourself or ask an agent to file it for you.

  1. Trademark for which you are filing
  2. Class in which the trademark will be used and the specific goods or services for which the trademark will be used
  3. Name or company name of the applicant
  4. Address or residence of the applicant
  5. Patent stamps to be paid to the Patent Office.

The Trademark Law stipulates the requirements for registration as a trademark. It is recommended to check whether the trademark meets the requirements for registration. Please refer to the following article.

You can also check whether the trademark has already been registered so as to see if it is likely to be registered. Please refer to the following article.

Filing trademark application on your own

You do not necessarily need to request a professional to file your trademark application. You can file your own application directly.
However, it requires complicated paperwork according to a set format, and if you do not file an appropriate application, the registration of your trademark may be meaningless.

Since the application is usually filed on paper, you will need to prepare the paper and printer. In addition, after the application documents are mailed, a fee must be paid for digitization of the documents.

Some procedures have set submission deadlines, and you will need to manage those deadlines as well. Renewals after registration are usually due every 10 years, so you will need to manage the deadlines.

It is also important to note that it is possible for an application to be rejected as unregistrable after it has been filed. It takes knowledge and experience with trademarks to conduct a search and determine whether or not a trademark is registrable before filing an application.

However, the cost is the least expensive, as the cost of stamps from the Japan Patent Office is all that is required to file and register the application.

For information on how to file a trademark application on your own, please refer to the following article.

When you ask an agent to file an application

When filing a trademark, you may request an agent such as a patent firm or patent attorney. Since agents are professionals in the field of intellectual property, including trademarks, you can rest assured that the complicated paperwork will be handled in a professional manner. A fee will be charged for each procedure.

By requesting a pre-application search, the possibility of registration can be ascertained in advance. If the possibility of registration is low, you can get advice on how to increase the possibility of registration.

Since you will communicate with the agent several times by e-mail, telephone, or in meetings regarding matters necessary for the application, you can be assured that you will be fully prepared for any omissions or shortcomings in your own preparation.

Please refer to the following for the advantages and disadvantages of asking a patent firm or patent attorney.

In case of using “Amazing DX”

Our firm offers “Amazing DX”, a unique service that allows you to complete trademark registration procedures online (on our website) and communicate with our patent attorneys via chat.

You can feel secure in trusting us because we are operated by a major firm with a history of nearly 50 years among the many patent firms in Japan. In addition, we have extensive experience not only in domestic but also in foreign applications, so we can continue to handle requests related to foreign countries.

Please refer to the following page for a list comparing filing an application using “Amazing DX”, asking an agent to file an application, and filing an application by yourself.

  1. Conducting Trademark Search for your application(Register Account
  2. Requesting an application for trademark registration
  3. Reviewing draft application

You can proceed online efficiently, so you can enjoy good response as well as cost advantage.

Conducting trademark search with “Amazing DX”

①Enter trademark (characters) and its pronunciation you wish to file
②Select goods/services
③Search results are displayed on the screen

If you are unsure what goods/services should be chosen, please refer to Classification Guide.

Depending on search results, you may change the trademark to be filed or narrow down designated goods based on similar trademark registrations. The regulsts can also be chacked immediately on the screen, so you can proceed without delay.

If there is no problem with the search results, you can proceed to “request for trademark application”.

Logging in to “Amazing DX”

Before requesting trademark application, you need to log in to “Amazing DX”. If you have not registered as a member, please register as a “new member”.

Requesting trademrk application from My Page

You can request for trademark application from “Proceed to application” on My Page. If you are logged in, you can request for trademark application from “Request for Trademark Application” button on the trademark search screen.

You confirm your request for the application. A quotation can be issued at this stage, if necessary. After the request is confirmed, please make the payment.

On My Page, you can view the saved sarch regults and manage data on correspondence via chat regarding trademark application request and on tramark as filed.

Reviewing draft application

You will receive a message in the chat section of My Page to confirm the application documents. After confirming the draft, you can check your trademark application and other submitted documents (application documents) on My Page.

It’s a relief to know that a major firm is running it. I also like the fact that the application process can be handled online, so it seems easy.


With “Amazing DX”, you can proceed with your trademark application speedily while receiving professional services. Since you can communicate with us online, including consultations, you can do so easily and without having to worry about the high barriers to entry.

To find out if the trademark you are considering to file is registrable, please click on the link below to conduct a trademark search.

Our patent attorneys will handle the entire process from application to registration in Japan, so the process is speedy and inexpensive, while ensuring the quality of our services. Please try Register Account first.

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