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There are a lot of different databases for trademark registration. There are lots of free databases, but also paid databases. What exactly can I do with a paid database?
There are many different types of paid databases. They differ in terms of what you can search for and how you can make use of them. I’ll cover some of the most famous ones and explain what’s so great about paid databases.

In this article, we will introduce you to some paid databases that can help you register your trademark.

Free and Paid Databases

There are several homepages available on the website for trademark-related searches, and each page is a free or paid database. Some of the free databases are operated by government agencies, while the paid databases are mainly provided by private companies. Please refer to the following article for a detailed explanation of the free databases.

Some of you may wonder why we need an external paid database when we have a free service and a database that is publicly operated by a government agency, especially the Japan Patent Office. However, paid databases to have the know-how, UI, and accumulation that free databases do not have. The following is a list of a few representative companies that offer paid database sites, although they are quite specialized.


Top page:

TM-SONAR™ is an online search service for all your trademark-related needs, with the original trademark database “TM-SONAR” at its core. (From the INFO-SONAR Corporation homepage. URL:

TM-SONAR is a fee-based database site covering a variety of trademark-related data. Unlike free databases, TM-SONAR is a database that makes searching for trademarks easier and more in-depth with its pursued usability of trademark search and unique algorithms. There are multiple contents deployed, each with different applications and costs. The system is primarily used for trademark searches. An English version is also available.
The systems that deploys include
Name Similarity Search System
Device Search System
Full-text search system
Trademark dictionary search service
Bibliographic Information Search Service
Trademark Application and Registration Bulletin Service
English Bibliography Search Service

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Service Overview:

That’s a whole different survey than the free databases! I didn’t realize there was a way to see such detailed, large amounts of trademark information, etc. all in one place. It’s very convenient and easy to search by various criteria.

LEX/DB Internet [provided by TKC Corporation].

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The database is a full-text database containing precedents from the Supreme Court from 1875 to the present day. The database covers all areas of civil law, especially civil law, public law, socioeconomic law, and criminal law. In addition to precedents, the database also contains decisions of the Japan Patent Office, the Fair Trade Commission, and the National Tax Appeal Tribunal. (From the TKC Law Library website; URL:

LEX/DB Internet is a database of precedents. Although it is mainly concerned with litigation, it can also be used to search for intellectual property precedents and JPO decisions, so it can be used not only for trademarks, but also for patents, designs, copyrights, and other intellectual property in general. In addition to searching by keyword or date, it is also possible to narrow down the search to the law on which the reason for refusal was based. This service is useful for interim responses (responses to a refusal) by allowing you to grasp and check a large amount of necessary information in a batch.

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Service overview:

I guess the ability to search and display trademark decisions by keyword or statute is something that only a paid database can do. It would be difficult to use, but it could have a lot of applications!

What Amazing DX can do.

I know the paid database is great, but it’s so amazing that I’m not sure I’m up to the task of using the tool. Amazing DX which tells me simple results are good enough for me.

While paid databases are easy to search and have a tremendous amount of accumulated data, they are also for professionals and are otherwise difficult to use. If you are considering registering a trademark and only wish to conduct a simple trademark search before the application procedure, please use Amazing DX’s search.
First, a trademark search

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