Pricing Plans

584 USD for 1 class (including application and registration)
"Amazing DX" provides a new type of service
which has enabled a complete reworking of traditional case processing and management,
and thus a boldly reduced price.

Pricing for Trademark Application & Registration (basic fees)

Fee Calculator (basic fees)

Number of Class(es)

Search Free
Professional fee (Application) 199 USD
Official fee (Application) 85 USD
A. Total (Application) 284 USD
Professional fee (Registration) 180 USD
Official fee (Registration) 120 USD
Renewal period monitoring fee Free
B. Total (Registration) 300 USD
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*If a Notification of Reasons for Refusal is issued, responding thereto will incur additional fees.
*Accelerated examination will incur additional fees. Please also note that certain requirements must be met to receive accelerated examination. Please ask us for details.
*Trademark registrations are valid for 10 years, but payment of the registration fee may be split into two five-year installments, which is the price shown here.
*All fees listed include tax.
*Breakdown of Services
The basic fees shown above include the following services.
- Searching for similar trademarks
- Preparation of application documents (including registrability check and formality check)
- Agency of trademark filing before the JPO
- Management of applications and registrations
- Supporting (chat, e-mail and phone)

Payment method

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